Enterprise Zone

Those companies locating or expanding within a state-designated Enterprise Zone may qualify for the following:

Property Tax Abatement - 100% abatement on the increase to the base amount. (3 years for commercial projects and ten years for industrial projects). This abatement period shall not extend beyond the "life" of            the Enterprise Zone which currently expires in 2018.

Sales Tax Exemption on Building Materials - Full exemption (6.5%) on building materials incorporated into real property.

Building Permit Fees Waived - All building, electrical, and plumbing fees are waived for Enterprise Zone projects.

Investment Tax Credit - .5% credit is available for qualified property.

Machinery and Equipment Sales Tax Exemption, Pollution Control Equipment Sales Tax Exemption, and Utility Tax Exemption - These are state incentives structured for large projects of $5 million and 200 jobs created or $40 million and 2,000 jobs retained.