Food & Agriculture

County and the surrounding nine counties are a major component of the nation’s breadbasket, producing 126 million bushels of corn, 36 million bushels of soybeans and one million head of hogs annually. With 2.5 million acres of farmland and more than 10,000 farms, our region is a prime location for agricultural equipment manufacturers, seed producers and industry suppliers.

The agricultural resources and our abundant supply of fresh water — combined with our central location and extensive transportation infrastructure — also make Effingham County a great choice for food and beverage production and packaging. 

Our area boasts a local labor force of more than 170,000 workers within a 50-mile radius, many of whom grew up on or around farms. They appreciate the value of hard work, problem-solving, independence, and personal responsibility, explaining why our area has low union activity. Local schools have worked with the business community to develop workforce preparation programs specifically for the food and agriculture industry.