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America's Crossroads of Opportunity

Effingham County has a lot to offer to relocate and expanding businesses. We have a positive business environment with a diversified economic base.  A quality workforce, low-cost utilities, training options, quality healthcare, a growing retail base and an overall low cost of doing business are just a few reasons many companies call Effingham County home. We also offer numerous recreational and cultural activities. The City of Effingham has been referred to as the “Crown Jewel of Central Illinois” and was recently awarded the “2016 Progressive City” designation by Ameren. All of our communities have much to offer. We are ready to help you thrive in Effingham County.

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Effingham County Success Stories

“Having visited hundreds of towns across the United States on my Boomtown USA book tour, there is no place I would rather call home than Effingham. This area exemplifies the type of communities Agracel looks for when acquiring or developing a new industrial property. Team Agracel is proud to have our corporate office in a community poised for growth, backed with progressive attitudes and a will to win. - Jack Schultz, CEO, Agracel, Inc. ”
“When my partners and I began developing the business plan for Versatech, we knew immediately that we wanted to locate the company in Effingham County. We each had experiences working with people from all over the world, but the work ethic found in this region is second to none. Effingham County has another unique quality in that there is a network of people, organizations, and businesses that are always rooting for you to win. As a small business owner, it is invaluable to have these resources available to reach out to when needed. We credit our success and continued growth to all the hard work of our employees and the support structure found in this community. – Joe Forbes, Co-owner, Versatech, LLC”
““Success, achievement and advancement all start with the right people. People in the Effingham region have passion, are willing to go the extra mile, and do not settle for average. Heartland Dental has thrived because of its people.” Dr. Rick Workman - Hearland Dental ”
““At Dieterich Bank, we seek communities that match our core values. Effingham fits this mold perfectly. The Bank originated in Dieterich, Illinois, in 1909 and started to expand in 1996 growing from one branch in the Effingham region to six branches that are located in Dieterich, Teutopolis, Newton, Lake Sara, Effingham, and St. Elmo. Each of these towns have a common theme – a sense of community and a hard work ethic. People in the Effingham region are very welcoming and are always willing to do whatever they can to give each other a helping hand. As a community bank, this is exactly what we want to represent, making the Effingham region a perfect fit and proving to be the “Crossroads of Opportunity” for us. – Chuck Deters, CEO, Dieterich Bank” ”


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